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Basketball Practice

With PullBall practices can become more fun and productive at the same time. You could jump toward a net while holding a basketball that's attached to the other end of your band with someone holds the other end. This drill will add mass to the muscles of your legs, and your dunks will soon have more force. There's also a useful training activity that incorporates two balls. Use the resistance band to attach one of them to a pole, and then hold it high in the air with one hand. With your free hand, try dribbling the second ball as quickly as you can. For a greater challenge, jump from side to side as you dribble. In time, they should make you a more accurate dribbler.You can also develop your passing.

Water Polo Practice

With PullBall you'll be able to condition yourself and extensively engage the muscles of your core and lower body so that you'll be ready for just about any water polo game situation. Just fix one end to the side of your swimming pool, strap the other end to water polo ball, and grasp it firmly with one hand. You can complete a series of throwing motions, work on body positioning, shooting, wrestling, or use it with two hands to stimulate your legs and core body. Also, you can put the ball in front of you and do legs, flutter kick or breaststroke kick where resistance band allows you to stay in same place during this drill.

Football Practice

No matter which position you like to play, PullBall can make you even more of a star on the field. Just grab your pigskin, strap it securely to this device, and get ready for one intense and helpful drill after another. For instance, you could connect this loop to a pole and practice hiking your football again and again; use one hand at a time or use both hands. You could also mimic a range of other motions, including forward passes and handoffs. Further, you can work in pairs where one person holds one end and runs behind you as you cross the field. If you perform this movement frequently over time, the act of pulling that individual along should increase your strength and turn you into a stronger player.


Even if moderate physical activity (including PullBall ® training with resistance bands) can be rationally considered safe for most individuals, each kind of training program can lead to a form of risk. Tupavco LLC is not liable for any direct, indirect or incidental damage arising out of the use, or the inability to use, material on this website. Neither Tupavco LLC nor the manufacturer of the bands can be held responsible for accidents resulting in the improper use of these products. (read carefully the section CORRECT USE)


Consult with your healthcare professional before starting any kind of training program in order to avoid potential harm from inappropriate exercises for a possible medical condition. If you experience any pain or difficulty with any exercise, stop immediately.Resistance bands Loop Bands distributed by Tupavco LLC are made of natural latex: be sure not to be allergic to this substance before using them.

Correct Use

Loop Bands are not toys: do not leave them unsupervised with children. Inspect your bands prior to use; do not use a band if cracked or frayed. Maximum safe stretch for each band is approximate 100 inches (254 cm or 150%) Do not overstretch the bands. If your exercises require more space, you can link more bands together. Always use eye protection.Be sure to check the stability of the base before starting to exercise. Tupavco LLC is not liable for any damage due to breakage of the choosen base or the bands.


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